Aquae Vivae

Water park with 5 stars

The waterpark Aquae Vivae is the golden krown of the centuries long tradition of thermal, health and bathing tourism in the Spas of Krapinske Toplice.

The natural therapeutic thermal water in the waterpark Aquae Vivae is a place for enjoyment for all generations and for the whole family. You can enjoy the kids pool with a water temperature of  36 º C with cascades, small geysers for the little ones and up to recreational pools with a total surface area of 500 m² with 70 underwater massages, massage deck-chairs, a big waterslide and wild rafters sufficient for an all-day fun and enjoyment in a pleasant thermal water of  34º – 35º C.

The waterpark Aquae Vivae has plenty of pools that can raise your adrenalin. One of those places is the diving pool – depht  4,5 m,  where you can have your first scuba dive in full gear under the professional supervision or start your diving lessons and end up in deep sea waters.

For the less courages ones, we offer guaranteed fun in the wild rafters pool, our pool attraction with waves up to 1.5 m, which remind you of real ocean waves, except the atmoshere here is much greater  since the water is very pleasant 32º-34º C.

For the recreational swimmers we have a swimming school with a special pool, special because it is  rectangular and marked out and with a temperature of 27º – 28º C.

Our outdoor pool is “a pool of adventure” in the heart of the waterpark with a huge terrace full of deck-chairs and a view of the green valley, a look at Zagorje towards Zagreb. The water temperature in the summer and winter is 34º -35º C. The pools have over 60 water attractions of different kinds: massage deck-chairs, geysers and cascades.

Alongside such pleasant water in our waterpark Aquae Vivae we offer also great food from our restaurant Vivae and good beverages, natural juices and excellent regional vines.

All of this makes our pools a five star service waterpark. Why not endulge yourselves and experience Aquae Vivae  – the pools that people admire!

Contact information


Telephone: +385 49 501 999

Udaljenost do Aquae Vivae
  • Zagreb 50 km
  • Maribor 75 km
  • Celje 66 km
  • Beč 350 km
  • Graz 170 km
  • Munchen - 570 km
  • Trst 220 km
  • Aerodrom Zagreb - 59 km