Aquae Vivae

Wave pool

There is no shortage of adrenalin in the other pools either. Here is one more special attraction of our water park, the wave pool. The wave pool generates strong waves with water pumps over 4 chambers.

The waves are turned on at every full hour and the programme takes about 10 minutes. Ocean waves in hot water is indeed a special experience of the Aquae Vivae water park. Treat yourself to this experience which hasn’t left anyone disappointed yet.

Udaljenost do Aquae Vivae
  • Zagreb 50 km
  • Maribor 75 km
  • Celje 66 km
  • Beč 350 km
  • Graz 170 km
  • Munchen - 570 km
  • Trst 220 km
  • Aerodrom Zagreb - 59 km