Aquae Vivae

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a document that was prepared by the management of Aquae Vivae d.d. It is a core document that contains the moral principles and principles of professional ethics, as well as all the obligations and responsibilities according to which the director, the management and other employees are required to abide by in their professional and public affairs.

The Code of ethics is a basic tool that was prepared by the company Aquae Vivae in order to control and prevent the breaching of the law as well as the standards that are applied to the company’s business. The Code represents a core document of principles and values ​​of the proper behavior, but it can not anticipate or give instructions on how to handle all possible situation, nor does it in detail elaborate on all the functions and activities within the company.

The Code is in compliance with the legal regulations and its compliance is considered to be a mandatory part of all contractual obligations of the director, the administration, employees and associates of the company. The company Aquae Vivae d.d. will endeavor to apply the Code of Ethics as a standard of excellence in business to all parties with whom it is cooperating, such as suppliers, customers and other private and business entities.

Aquae Vivae d.d. Code of Ethics is published on the company’s web page, where it is available to all the employees, customers, suppliers, and other related business entities.

Principles and values

Our growth strategy strives to create a solid and sustainable value in the economic, financial, social and ecological terms, based on the trust of all our partners and based on the following values:


We fulfill our goals honestly, accurately and responsibly, with respect to the rules, of professional ethics and in accord with the signed contracts.


We have set the goal of continuous improvement and advancement, always looking ahead, anticipating challenges, expressing creativity that strives for innovation, and the appreciation of the accomplished effect.


The transparency of our actions, our communications, and our contracts are the foundation of our behavior so that all our partners can make independent and conscious solutions and decisions.

Respecting diversity

To the wide spectre of business management we want to associate with the local community, we want to be a company that thinks globally without losing sight of the individual.


We are obliged to remove all kinds of discrimination from our conduct and to respect the differences in gender, age, religion, political pertinence, language and different abilities.

Valueing the individual

The value of each individual is the guiding principle that we are dealing with in our work, we use the methods of listening and dialogue as instruments that will continually improve relationships with all of our partners.

Responsibility in using the sources

We want to use all sources carefully, encourage behavior by which optimization is achieved and give priority to solutions by which sustainability is achieved.


Every employee is responsible for maintaining the company’s integrity by adhering to the Code of Ethics. By fully integrating ethics into business behavior, the employee represents both himself and the company, and the company provides the employee with:

  • Proper procedures in the employment process based on a consistent and fair relationship with all registered candidates

  • Equal opportunities for all employees for professional growth and development, access to training programs, and renewal knowledge courses

  • the ability to express the opinions and attitudes of all employees in order to innovate and improve the company’s business in all segments

  • respecting the dignity of each employee and respecting the particularity of the environment in which they work

  • Compliance with all provisions of the Labor Law and Labor Contracts concluded between the employee and the employer

  • protection of personal data of employees as well as protection of employees in case of any discrimination at the workplace (gender, sex, religion, national, linguistic, political)

  • education of saftey at work for every job position

The employees committ to:

  • comply with all regulations of the Labor Act and employment contracts concluded between the employee and the employer

  • Respect all people with whom they come across in the work process and no discrimination is allowed on whatever basis

  • Handling tools and machines according to the instructions for safe operation

  • working and behaving in a business environment in a way that contributes to the prosperity of the company and themselves

  • Report to the management of the company any actions they consider to be endangering for the company and other employees

  • responsible and efficient use of resources (food, supplies, energy)


Relationships with business partners are key to the company’s success and must be built on the principles of fairness, openness and mutual satisfaction, which is achieved in the following ways:

  • The supplier selection process is conducted objectively and systematically and is based on an analysis of all business conditions in order to obtain long-term and reliable suppliers for profitability

  • clear, two-way directional and timely communication

  • Adhering to the provisions of the business cooperation agreement and building long-term mutual trust (compliance with delivery dates, payment methods, payment deadlines, quality assurance of products and services)

  • Data protection of company and partners and keeping business secrets

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest


Meeting our guests’ needs and maintaining their trust is at the core of our daily work. We continually work on quality improvement, with a special emphasis on individual aproach to every guest. With our guests, we maintain an open two-way communication, and listen to their opinions, provide information and quick answers to their questions in order to improve our services and content and anticipate their needs. In order to be more successful in our relations to the guests we are guided by the following steps:

  • ensuring clear and true information

  • every contact with the guest is guided by the principles of professionalism, hospitality, fairness, timeliness

  • personal dana protection of all guests and assurance of trust and privacy

  • availability of our services and content to all social layers

  • no form of discrimination against guests is allowed

  • accurate information to the guests about prices, timescale, types and quality of content and services, right to consumer complaint and the how to

  • discreet market research in order to anticipate customer needs and improve content and services


As an important business entity in the community, we are aware that we play an important role in contributing to sustainable development. For that reason, we carry out activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to sustainable development and following their changes. We particularly strive towards reduced emissions and waste, recycling waste and reducing raw material waste. Our business processes is conducted in the direction of efficient energy useage and since 2015 we use renewable sources of energy, thermal water for the heating up of the entire Aquae Vivae water park.
The groceries for our restaurant we strive to get from those suppliers who guarantee compliance to local and international regulations and who are committed to sustainable development, thus guaranteeing the quality and legacy towards our guests.

Udaljenost do Aquae Vivae
  • Zagreb 50 km
  • Maribor 75 km
  • Celje 66 km
  • Beč 350 km
  • Graz 170 km
  • Munchen - 570 km
  • Trst 220 km
  • Aerodrom Zagreb - 59 km

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